Episode 25 - Attack of the 186th Squadron

Thule Squadron Radio is an X-Wing podcast broadcasting from Reykjavík, Iceland.

Episode 25 - Attack of the 186th Squadron

186th Squadron is here! Alex Birt and Jesper Winström meet with Egill, Gísli and Hákon and wreck havoc.
We talk about Holiday special, Dutch Nats, Nerf Herder, balance and bid, why people feel necessary to be in shock when good players do bad. Yeah, and Jespers obsession with Wedge.
Plus general sillyness. 

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Hosts are:
Gísli Baldur Bragason 
Egill Björnsson
Hákon Davíd Halldórsson

Guests are:
Alex Birt
Jesper Winström 

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